A Capitalist in North Korea


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North Korea Out of the Dark: The Inside Story by the CAPITALIST IN NORTH KOREA

This Taekwondo video shows an employee of Felix Abt in the canteen of his company, giving a short performance of ‘Tul’ (also teul or 틀in Korean), which is as rigorous and precise as a Swiss clock, on the way to mastering North Korea’s favorite national sport Taekwondo, the equivalent to the ‘kata’ in Karate.

Felix Abt's staff in some of North Korea's darkest places

Felix Abt's staff's amazing hula hoop dancing

Below a selection of videos related to Felix Abt's activities in North Korea. If you want to know more, read his book "A Capitalist in North Korea".

The European Business Association in Pyongyang is the first foreign Chamber of Commerce in North Korea. At Felix Abt's initiative all 12 resident foreign business people representing European companies in North Korea founded the business group. They elected him as the group's first president.

PyongSu Pharma J.V. Co., Pyongyang and what it stands for. This company became North Korea's so-called "model pharmaceutical company" and was recognized by the government as one of the country's top 5 joint venture companies when it was run by Felix Abt. He is one of the company's shareholders.

Nosotek IT J.V. Co., Pyongyang is the first foreign and North Korean IT joint venture. Nosotek's games became popular when they made it, for instance, to the top of Apple's game list in Germany. They are used on Facebook, Nintendo, Wii and elsewhere. A recent video game made headlines in the media. Felix Abt was a co-founder of this company and is a shareholder.

Foreign Investment and Business in North Korea. The purpose of this film was to highlight the legitimate business opportunities available in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) taken by partners such as Lafarge (global cement leader), Orascom (Telecom leader in Middle Eastern and some other countries), Russian Railways (Russia's largest employer and one of the largest railway operators in the world).
Smaller investments are also highlighted such as the PyongSu pharmaceutical joint venture recognized in 2008 by government (and customers) as one of the very best joint ventures in the DPR of Korea.
In addition, members of the European Business Association in Pyongyang are interviewed and the purpose of the Pyongyang Business School is explained.
This is the most comprehensive film ever made on foreign investment and business in North Korea. It contains interviews with Felix Abt. It was produced in 2008 by the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (www.chongryon.com) and first broadcast on their TV.
This is part 1 of 3 (in Japanese), watch also the separate parts 2 and 3.

The Pyongyang Business School in Pyongyang. Felix Abt was initiator, a co-founder and director of this school. Watch this video and, in addition, read here the amazing story "North Korea out of the Dark: The Story of the Pyongyang Business School. How a promising reform project brought good business practices to the world's most isolated country."