North Korea websites

North Korea photo gallery & videos by the North Korea insider Felix Abt. You won't see that anywhere else!


Korea Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea's government-run news agency  (two websites, one based in Japan and one based in the DPRK)

Korea Photo Service. KCNA's North Korea photos on sale for media clients.

Pyongyang News Video. Get you daily news (in Korean) - on most days, that is - from North Korea’s national TV network, via the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan.

Rodong Sinmun North Korea's most influential newspaper, belonging to the ruling Korean Workers' Party

Korea Sports Fund. All you want to know about North Korean sports activities

Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Website run by North Korea's Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries

Korea Friendship Association is reporting to the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries in Pyongyang, and is running, what it calls the "Official Website of the DPR of Korea". It organizes tours to North Korea and sells all kinds of DPRK-made products.

Korea Education Fund. It calls itself a North Korean NGO based in Pyongyang with the "Mission to coordinate and increase financial and material support to education at non-government level, which will contribute to better educational condition for the children."

Korea Elderly Care Fund. It calls itself a North Korean NGO based in Pyongyang with the "Mission to ensure cultured and fulfilling life for the aged people to be healthy mentally and physically and lead a worthwhile life."

Romyong. A wide variety of North Korean products on sale

North Korean books and DVDs. A wide choice of North Korean books and DVDs on offer.

North Korean books and DVDs. More books and DVDs here.

Taedonggang Trade & Patent Law Office, Pyongyang. Legal services for foreign corporate clients. There are a couple of other websites by Pyongyang-based law firms, but they are not as well maintained as this one.

Air Koryo. North Korea's national carrier

Koryo Tours. The pioneers in North Korea tourism with the longest expierience. The company has organized travel and cultural exchanges with the DPRK, visiting the country every month since 1993.

NK News. The website aims to be "the internet’s No.1 source for breaking North Korean news, analysis, culture and curiosities + professional, academic and student resources."

38 North. Informed analysis and events in and around the DPRK. The site, run by the prestigious John Hopkins University, has as its main objective "to bring the best possible analysis to both seasoned North Korea watchers and general audiences alike."

North Korea Economy Watch. This site is intended as "a resource for business persons, policy makers, academics, journalists and others interested in the North Korean economy (broadly speaking)."

North Korea Tech. A website specialized in all things "technical" in North Korea

North Korea Leadership Watch. This site and blog says it "focuses on North Korea’s (DPRK) leadership and political culture."